Phosyn Analytical


ANZECC Fresh and Marine Water Guidelines

An excellent resource about different analytes measured in water and the effect they have on Aquatic Ecosystems; Recreational Water; Drinking Water; Agricultural (irrigation & livestock) Water; and Industrial Water.

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Drinking water Guidelines

An excellent resource which describes the quality of drinking water, acceptable analyte limits and how contaminants may be treated.  Fact sheets for each analyte (including microbiological and radiological) describes how they can reach the water supply; acceptable limits; health effects of exceeded limits; and, how to treat the water for those contaminants. It also contains information about drinking water treatment chemicals and disinfection.

UNESCO/WHO/UNEP Water Monitoring and Quality Assessment Manual

An excellent resource about water monitoring programs covering the frequency and scope. Information is detailed about how different processes and industries effect the water quality, and subsequently which analytes should be monitored.

Geoscience Australia— Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Field Guide

Information about designing water monitoring program, bore drilling, construction, groundwater sampling equipment and methods are described in detail.


Australian Government Soil Health Knowledge Bank

This link provides information on current soil health knowledge, and tools to assess soil conditions, in particular, soil physical, chemical & biological characteristics.

Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC)

ASPAC provides information on the proficiency testing program and certified laboratories.

AUSVEG Healthy Soils for Sustainable Vegetable Gardens—UTE GUIDE

Discusses soil type identification, soil test interpretation with reference to some vegetables (& microbial analysis).


Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS)

A free mapping program allowing maps based on soil types, soil properties, soil depth, soil fertility and permeability and land use.

Guidelines for Landuse Mapping in Australia

Includes technical information for mapping land use in Australia.

Nature Maps

A free mapping program which includes topography, imagery, photography, flora and fauna.