About Us

Our key goals are to provide you with a fast, precise and understandable service supported by accessible back-up delivered in a professional manner.


Sample submission is made as straightforward as possible, with the provision of Analysis Request forms, plant tissue bags and soil bags free of charge.  We understand the importance of timely advice and are therefore equipped and staffed to analyse your samples within 5 days.


Confidence in your results is paramount and great care is taken in their validation.  As part of the quality assurance, we continually take part in the ASPAC proficiency program which allows our precision and consistency to be monitored.


Analytical data on its own is meaningless if the information it holds is not understandable. Therefore your results are provided as a  MegalabTM report which includes crop specific guidelines (where available) coupled with interpretations for corrective treatment where necessary and appropriate.

Accessible Back-up

Most clients receive their MegalabTM reports via email which provides the quickest possible response.  In certain circumstances, direct access to MegalabTM reports is also available over the internet.  However, we appreciate the value of personal contact and accessible back-up, so please remember we are only a phone call away and we actively welcome direct contact with you to discuss all aspects of the services provided.

Our commitment to the best analytical instrumentation operated by suitably qualified and trained staff along with stringent quality control ensures you receive a consistently professional, prompt and accurate service every time.